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sales strategy

You have a great product, which fits everyone. You want to become Jeff Bezos and sell to as many people possible. But to become Jeff Bezos, you need to start like Jeff Bezos. What is now one of the biggest companies ever, started as a very small one. Bezos had a laser focus on a particular audience. Learn to do the same and find your niche market.

sales engineering

Learn how to understand your sales funnel and how to use technology to automate sales procedures and push your customers further to the funnel. A succesful Sales Hacker lets technology do the dirty job, while he focuses on what he does best: create meaningful conversations, understand pains, find solutions and close leads.

sales methology

Your customers are no longer in their office, next to their phone and behind their gate-keeper. Reaching Decision Makers though in today’s digital world is easier than ever. You will find them on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook etc) or you can reach them using their personal email address. As a Sales Hacker,goal is to find ways to provide your prospective customers with many different ways of learning about your company. This concept of is called multi-touch sales development and is the sales methology we encourage our students to use.

Build your perfect Sales Story

How identifying your “Golden Circle” will help you perfect your Elevator Pitch and the sales story that will attract the right Leads for you and your business. 

The money is in the Niches
Finding and targeting the Right Niches will help you create a machine that consistently creates a flow of qualified leads.
Understanding the Buyer Matrix

How building a simple matrix, will help you craft your Sales Material, your Content Strategy and your tone of voice to attract the right Leads to your Sales Funnel

Understand the different dynamics within the Power Economic Unit and never fail again to reach the right decision-makers! Even better, let them come to you!
Out of Leads? Never again!

Build a Sales Process that will continuously create qualified Leads for you and your business.

  • LinkedIn Outreach: LinkedIn is the single environment on earth that everyone is “Ready to make business”. Use it in a meaningful way and your calendar will be full of scheduled meetings with qualified prospects.
  • Cold Emailing Vs Spam: A sales formula to master cold email outreach, acquire new leads and convert them to customers through meaningful e-mail conversations.
  • Is cold calling dead? Why the phrase “Send us an email with information” sounds like music in our ears.
Put your Sales Process on auto-pilot and generate qualified leads even while you are sleeping: How great is that?
  • Build an event-based Sales Funnel: know which persona is in which stage of your Sales Funnel based on data. Not your gut-feeling.
  • Optimize your content, differentiate your tone of voice and adjust your nurturing communication based on data. Convert faster and more efficiently.
  • Press “ON” and put the mechanism on auto-pilot. Let technology do the boring stuff, while you focus on what you do best: closing deals.
Deliver Killer Product Demos
Stop talking about product characteristics and generic solutions. Start talking about tailor-made tangible results, reduce your Sales Cycle and convert prospects to paying customers through meaningful conversations.
Sales Teams Management
  • How to source, attract and hire top-performing sales talents.
  • How to motivate and retain your sales talents by creating a compensation plan that makes sense for you and for them.
  • How to onboard and train your Sales Team and achieve scalable and predictable revenue growth.
Social Selling
A Playbook to accelerate growth by leveraging your expertise, your social proof, and your social media accounts.
Presentations, KEYNotes, case studies, ebook


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